Our Mascot
Updated on November, 18 2008

An idea from (then) Sgt. Syrette to develop a mascot which could be used to reinforce the community service/crime prevention messages that are being provided by the APS.  A memorandum was sent to the APS detachments requesting that the members canvass their local school kids to submit an entry which would include both a drawing and a slogan.

Approximately seventy five submissions were received.  The final decision was put to a vote on the opening day of the APS headquarters.  The drawings/slogans were assigned a number and the identity of the artist was concealed during the voting process.  The winner was designed by a young artist from Fort William.

The winner, Sgt. Hawkeye - keep an eye out for crime, was adopted as the APS mascot.

The federal government was then lobbied for financial support and provided the funding for both the manufacturing of the mascot and a poster.  A mascot manufacturer, Allie's Costume Magic, was located in Halifax Nova Scotia and a contract to manufacture a Sgt. Hawkeye costume was entered into.

Sgt. Hawkeye reported for duty on March 27, 1998.