Patch Design
Updated on November, 13 2008
Perry McLeod of Nipissing First Nationcreated the Anishinabek Police Service Patch with the advice of Eldersand Traditional People of the Anishinabek Territories. The centralsymbol of the crest is the Thunderbird, which reflects the Union of OntarioIndians. The Thunderbird represents power, strength, pride, integrity,and goodness. In the middle of the Thunderbird is a triangle, whichsignifies the Creator at the centre of all things. In the backgroundsits the top of teepee or wigwam, which signifies safety and shelter. The significance of the forests and water are also represented in the circle. The large circle is the symbol of the Creator. The circle itselfrepresents the world in balance with nature and the ongoing cycle of lifeas designated by the Creator. The circle also represents the medicinewheel, the four directions, the four seasons and the races of man. The two bear paws represents man and women and their place within the circlerepresents their inclusion into the Creator's plans. The lightningbolts indicate the power generated by the combination of the elements innature and is also incorporated with the colour gold, which is looked uponas the modern world and how technology has enriched the lives of everyone.